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2005 | Marco Di Stefano

2005 is a work from the past written for the future. It is a collection of piano pieces composed in 2005 during an intense period of studies in musical composition in Bologna; these pieces are the result of a slow research path for a new language, expressive and abstract language, entirely entrusted to the voice of the piano. 
"Movimento a 4 mani” is a piece written during the train journeys between Bologna and Palermo:
and like a train, it moves incessantly between melodies and tracks, tunnels and repeated notes with a continuous and constant rhythm. This piece was also performed that year during a festival organized by the Bologna Conservatory dedicated to the music of young composers.
“Di Nebbia, le notti a Bologna” is a collection of short pieces, written on the piano, during an incessant winter of fog. Fears and uncertainties of that youthful period are expressed; the desire to see beyond that thick fog ... a little further ... with an eye to the future.


Composed and performed by Marco Di Stefano

Master: Damien Silvert Studios

Artwork: BeatArt

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