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7even | Flavio G. Cuccurullo

"7even" is the exploration of a path, the mediation between the human and the divine. From its deep roots, the Album bring out numerous layers that unravel through reflective  listening. The number 7 is among the most recurring within esoteric numerology. It was considered sacred among the Pythagoreans, for it has the distinctive trait of not being created, as it is impossible to obtain it from the multiplication of other numbers. The number 7 represents the union of all four elements and the divine triad as a whole. The tracks  succeed one another in accordance with the progression of our energy centers, as to recall the function each chakra has.
Pathothkath, the first track, represents our being both beast and spirit.
The second track, Metamorphosis, expresses the cyclical patterns of our lives.
The third track, Why do we walk, depicts the feeling of liberation from outside control.
The fourth track, In the middle, draws inspiration from the universal connection that binds us all together.
The fifth track, Eon's Decalogue, is linked to the concept of Truth.
The sixth track, Perceptions, to our perception of things and the concept of the third eye.
The seventh and last track, Walter, to the Ether and the relation we manage to have with the universe through space and time.
The aim of the Album is to try and reach a musical declination of a philosofical and cultural expression through ever-changing phases and strong, introspective atmospheres, sometimes dark but extremely evocative. Strings,brasses, woodwinds and percussions are perfecty intertwined with electronic elements, all-encompassing as the spiral, a symbol also recalled by the spiral on the front cover. The shell represents eternal change, as opposed to the Ouroboros, the snake that constantly eats its tail, locking itself up in a never-ending cycle. The shell is a symbol for constant  research and movement, the constant reflection to which my work is dedicated.

Master e post-produzione: BSR Studio
Progetto grafico: Raffaele Troianiello

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