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An image of eternity

“An image of eternity” is the new pianosolo album of italian pianist and composer Raffaele Grimaldi and contains 15 tracks composed during the period 1999-2015. The album was born by the author's need to return to a direct and immediate language without sacrificing the compositional complexity that characterized his last productions. The disc, intimate and autobiographical, is affected by the influences of the pianism of Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock and Brad Melhdau. The album was recorded and mastered by Julien Bassères at the Studios de Meudon near Paris. Also several video clips were shot by Urania Film at Palazzo Venezia in Naples, two of which, "An image of eternity" and "Dans l'horizon", are available and visible on the official youtube channel of Blue Spiral Records.

Here is a short description:
“Our imagination so magnifies the present, because we are continually thinking about it, and so reduces eternity, because we do not think about it, that we turn eternity into nothing and nothing into eternity” (Blaise Pascal, Pensées)
I like to think of music as something eternal, as the infinite trip of clouds or the ocean waves, as the pure essence of the things that is revealed through the incessant rhythm of the passing days. The story of this album begun long time ago, around 1999. Since then I let these little pieces settling themselves under trace, like rocks smoothed by water. I imagined a collection of songs that, with their own weakness, would tell pieces of my existence. There is only a single track completely improvised in the studio,and the listener is free to guess which one it is. An image of eternity is an alternative but important phase of my artistic production and marks the beginning of a new journey, which like all the most strenuous challenge, I don’t know where it will take me. (Raffaele Grimaldi)

Mastering and post production: Julien Bassères
Cover photo: "Covariance" by Raphaël Dallaporta & Alexandre Brouste
Graphic design: comunicaemozione

Booklet Photos: Alexandra Catiere, Chiara Ricci
Video realization: Urania Films - Francesco Ybris Salvati    

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