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Anna Dari


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Anna Dari began studying the piano from an early age until she graduated from the "A. Vivaldi" Conservatory of Music in Alessandria in 1986. Primary school teacher and music teacher in lower secondary schools, since adolescence she supports poetic writing to music that will both mark his spiritual awakening in 2007/2008 after long years of artistic silence. She also received important awards with the poems “Madre mia”, “Preghiera di un atomo ateo”, “Briciole d’Infinito”, “ Le voci dei bambini”, “Vorrei disperderti nel vento”. In January 2020 she receives the First Prize for the Music section of the Salvatore Quasimodo Competition with the piano piece "Assolo" and in November 2020 she participates in the CET/Mogol Competition with the text “L’equazione naturale” which is selected as a finalist and included in the Anthology of the most representative texts. In May 2021 she won the Second Prize for the song  “Oltre la nebbia la luce” suggestive transposition into music of the painting "La Sacra di San Michele nella nebbia" by the artist Michele Langella. In the album "Oltre la nebbia" Anna Dari collects and releases the best compositions from summer 2017 until today which represent, starting from the song "Assolo", a new compositional path, more intimate and minimal, and also highly suggestive. Brushstrokes of life and poetry in music, this is how Anna Dari's piano and arranged compositions could be defined, always ready to welcome new stimuli and new suggestions of life and art.

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Oltre la nebbia

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