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Anxiety/Serenity  | Doug Thomas

Anxiety/Serenity was conceived in response to the situation that the world is experimenting in this first quarter of 2020, through the spread of the COVID-19. 

The anxiety that has grown in the minds of people, from over-communication, ignorance, fear and isolation. The serenity that has resulted in the natural world, claiming its rights back and finding peace at last — or momentarily. 

Each piece is a rework — through production and treatment — of previously unreleased works for solo harp, some of it performed by Mary Dunsford. 

Anxiety/Serenity sits between that balance of the moment; of calm and quietness, of trouble and worry. It is the illusion that through a virus to mankind, nature has found its antidote to the human virus. 

The bonus track, Chapel of Silence was inspired by the chapel bearing the same name in Helsinki. It is a field recording of an early Monday morning in the center of London, during isolation. It is interesting to notice the differences in the surroundings when human beings — almost — remove themselves from nature. 


Piano: Doug Thomas

Harp: Mary Dunsford

Master and post-production: BSR Studio

Artwork: Doug Thomas

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