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Awake to Dream | Reis Taylor Dixon

Awake to Dream is a double entendre.  We dream while we sleep. Yet in order to fulfill our dreams in life both our mind and heart must truly be awake. This is how the concept for this album began. However my vision became blurry when my heart walked away... In this chapter we find Reis feeling unsure of himself and uncertain of his future. A relationship spanning more than a decade - gone in the blink of an eye. Reis delivers his emotional endeavour of heartache and perseverance. Capturing feelings of solitude, anguish & despair all translated within his music. It seems as though one of life’s hardest lessons is still being pursued: ‘Forgiveness’.

Collaborating through the vision of Mark Grieves; Reis is able to portray the story of these melancholy events unfolding. The front cover represents ‘Love’ in it’s truest sense - two figures sat together on a bench of black & white piano keys holding one another in a loving embracing whilst a delicate rose rests between them. The back cover however tells a much more solemn story. Again featuring two figures, only this time they are apart. One of which is a shadowed figure tapping on a window pane whilst the other is sat facing away - gazing down in a state of reminiscence. Both figures in this scene represent Reis. The shadowed figure trying his hardest from the other side to wake himself up from the darkness that envelops him. 

Throughout these challenging times, Reis stayed true to the original concept of this album, maintaining the level of consciousness needed in order to pursue his dreams. Performing alongside many of his peers worldwide, Reis was able to find ‘A sense of belonging’. 


Piano: Reis Taylor Dixon

Recorded at Birmingham Town Hall

Sound engineer and mastering: Orry Henderson

Artwork: Mark Grieves

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