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Chapter One | Raimund Mathias Hepp

Raimund Mathias Hepp is often hired to write music for film. In these situations, the story, the genre, the director or a producer may demand for a certain kind of music. The making of the album "Chapter One" started out when Raimund felt the desire to compose music that would give him the emotional experience that he was looking for when listening to music. Every piece on this album is a segment of a story, and the titles and their order may give some vague hints. Raimund would describe the nature of the music as "traurig-schön" which could be translated as "melancholic but in a beautiful and pleasant way", a bit similar to the feeling of nostalgia. However, it is up to the listeners to enjoy their own associations. Worth mentioning are the extrodinary musicians that contributet their performances to this album. The album title "Chapter One" means that this is just the beginning and that there is much more music to come.


1. Harm

2. Always

3. Rustling Leaves Pt. I

4. Überlebenskünstler

5. Sea of Time

6. Regret

7. Rustling Leaves Pt. II

8. Beginning

9. Looking Back



Solo Violin: Rusanda Panfili (Tracks 2, 8)

(Solo) Violin: Nathalie Bonin (Tracks 3, 8)

Solo Violin: Aleksey Igudesman (Track 9)

Solo Cello: Marie Spaemann (Tracks 5, 8)

Strings: Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra (Track 2, 8)



All tracks composed, arranged, performed & mixed by Raimund Hepp except where noted

Mastering: Horst Pfaffelmayer at Gold Chamber

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