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Dangerous Journeys | João Alexandre Dias

The quest for self-awareness was the starting point for “Dangerous Journeys”, a work of a rather introspective nature, fragmentary in character, which takes the listener (i.e., the traveller) on various journeys where imagination is an ever-present element.

Throughout this short album, different (metaphoric) voyages are portrayed, which relate to the perils and subtleties of travelling within one’s mind, while trying to achieve a profound level of self-awareness. In each journey, the listener/traveller is invited to follow a new path towards inner discovery, facing dangers and fears, but also appreciating the beauty, subtlety and strength that hide within each new path of the quest. Danger, fear, beauty, subtlety, strength, characteristics that pervade imagination and form the building blocks of dreams and artistic creations.

These introspective travels end when "self-awareness" (not surprisingly, the album’s last track) is attained, and the listener/traveller is allowed to conclude that every dream, every act of artistic creation, is a journey to the inner self and a path towards self-knowledge.


Piano: João Alexandre Dias

Master and post-production: BSR Studio

Artwork: BeatArt

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