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Decade II  | Noirepolde

His new album Decade II is inspired and influenced by the music Noirepolde has absorbed in the last 15 years. In his collection of 10 songs, he presents various colours and shades of piano, as well as featuring some carefully selected guests in violinist Adam Pakosta & guitarist Alwin Fernandez who both feature on a handful of tracks. From fragile neoclassical arrangements like “Eastern Beauty” to atmospheric ambient tracks like “Metropolis”, this album offers a huge range of sounds in Noirepolde's minimalist style.


Mixed and mastered by Václav Benda and Amak Golden at Golden Hive Studios Prague

Piano, synths, production: Václav Benda

Strings: Adam Pakosta

Guitars: Alwin Fernandez

Cover Art: Nika Holúsková

Promo photos: Mischa Babel

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