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Here and Now | Various Artists

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”
― H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

March 2020. The whole world is fighting a pandemic caused by a mysterious virus, COVID-19. Cities are empty. There is no more buzz and chaos. A "violent" silence has attacked our frenetic existence. Each of us now forced to live own personal anxieties by staying at home. Reacting seemed the only thing to do. We therefore tried to understand how we could support institutions and allow them to do their best to deal with this emergency, given that in many hospitals there is no medical-health material. The idea was to raise funds for those who are looking for, and experimenting with a cure for the virus. So we asked all of our artists to write a piece of music that could describe the moment that each of us are experiencing. The result is an album entitled "Here and Now", consisting of piano compositions but also of background sound elements, such as those present in homes, or coming from outside: from those silently deafening cities whose sound we are all used to now.
We will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Regione Campania in southern Italy, who will allocate the money to the Pascale hospital in Naples, where a team of specialists are working hard every day, in an attempt to find an effective treatment against the virus.

The minimum price we have chosen is €5.99, but you are free to pay/donate any amount above this, to contribute to this very important cause.  You must write your amount in the box where it says: "Name your price".



01. Jordane Tumarinson - Le monde après
02. Wave of Sound - Breath
03. Raffaele Grimaldi - Confini
04. Federico Truzzi - Zweisamkeit
05. Laura Christie Wall - In Kindness
06. Noirepolde - Chimera
07. Feryanto - Nakurunaisa
08. Dario Crisman - I tetti e le nuvole
09. André Kellerberg - Beim Schälen der Zwiebel
10. Jeroen Elfferich - The Old Church
11. Michael Neal - Connection
12. Mr. Pianoman - Speranza
13. Greta Cipriani - Marea
14. João Alexandre Dias - A Brief Lament
15. Chris Boutilier - From the 12th Floor
16. Doug Thomas - Anxiety/Serenity 3 (with Mary Dunsford)
17. Massimo Natali - Hologram
18. David Fedele - Mezzanotte
19. Pedro Santos Sequeira - Bright Clouds Over Dark Skies

20. Jacob Rose - The Sun Rising Red

21. Lionel Scardino - Deep



Master and post-production: BSR Studio
Artwork: BeatArt

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