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I’ll sleep in a perfect dream | Natasha Tancredi

It is difficult, almost surreal, to express certain emotions in real life, which is why when I compose I enter in a sort of *perfect* world.
Helena: song dedicated to my two-year-old niece composed just after her birth.
Dreamer awake: song composed in a particular period of my life, nothing is impossible.
Real madness: you get mad being aware of it but who says you are. It's almost pleasant to be different until you know how to get out of it but...
Bandaged game: close your eyes and fly, play without thinking.
Everyone will take this journey of emotions as they see fit.



Piano: Natasha Tancredi
Produced by Bruno Bogliolo Zerodieci Studio of Genova
Mix and Master: Bruno Bogliolo

Artwork: BeatArt

"Over" Videoclip 

"Beyond limits... beyond hope... beyond reality. The piece born by chance that changed the life of the artist, after a difficult period
she went back to his dreams, never giving up when faced with difficulties."

Many thanks to Zerodieci Studio of Genova for the videoclip production and editing
Press Office Red Owl 

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