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iSpace Dramas | Vega Lee & John Nova

An electronic ambient album, recorded using analog synths and guitars, where images from space exploration alternate with peaceful neural abstractions. While the pulsing of the machines intertwines with the instruments, song-forms appear on the horizon of previously unheard soundscapes. It’s the sound of two inner-space journeys in the form of manned outer-space flights. In the first journey (Tracks 1 - 4), the astronaut achieves his highest ambition: to move himself out of time and space and stay there. In the second (Tracks 5 - 8), something goes wrong and the traveller is forced to return to earth and make an emergency landing. The album thus presents two different ways of looking at life. Either to succede in transcending the human coordinates or to keep trying again and again.


Dedicated to James Graham Ballard (1.930 – 2.09)


Produced by Vega Lee and John Nova
Played and recorded by Vega Lee in Veganova, EU, 2019 

Mixed by Vega Lee and Karen Novotny

Artwork by John Nova

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