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Lennart Altgenug


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Lennart Altgenug has worked as a composer for several short films, including the films entitled Anton and Gameboy, which were featured at the Netherlands Film Festival. In addition to composing for films, Lennart has been composing and arranging for many ensembles. He has written four compositions for string quartet which have been performed at the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival. Lennart has earned a Bachelor‘s Degree in jazz piano, and a Masters Degree in film composition from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Besides being a composer, he was also active as a pianist in various bands. In 2014, he recorded his Album 'Memory Lane' which featured his original jazz compositions. Since then, he spent two years in Mumbai (India). Besides being head of the piano department at The True School of Music he was also performing regularly and composed for a variety of short films and series for Indian television. Since 2018, he has been living and working as a composer and teacher in Berlin, Germany. His composition style has moved away from jazz and improvised music towards (neo-)classical music. Soon his new album 'Ascending and Descending' will be released with Blue Spiral Records. 

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Ascending &
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