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L'estate del '78 | Marco Di Stefano

L’estate del ’78 is a piano solo album composed by Marco Di Stefano inspired by the eponymous successful novel written by Roberto Alajmo. 


In a scorching summer of 1978, a boy sees his mother for the last time. It's a farewell, but he doesn't know it. On this lost embrace, Roberto Alajmo has built "L'estate del '78" (Sellerio). One step after the other: Marco Di Stefano climbs them and on the novel he has created a musical work divided into ten chapters, a fluid tale that immerses itself in words. Each note, melody or track is a musical reflection, a concave mirror of stories and characters. "L'estate del '78", ten tracks that "tell" the novel and let themselves be told affectionately to each other. (Simonetta Trovato)


"It is strange to imagine that our own experience, the trace we left of ourselves as we passed through the world, could also affect others. Nevertheless this is the miracle of literature, sometimes: what would seem to be my navel, turns out to be the navel of the world. It is not simple and not even frequent, but sometimes it happens. Literature and music manage to be "nice" to each other, to interact mysteriously. And to be even more mysteriously empathetic with the rest of the world. There is no infallible formula, but an alchemy that is created from time to time. This may be one of those times." (Roberto Alajmo)


This album is born from a dream made a summer night of 2018. A man with gray hair walks through the little streets of an ancient borough in the Sicilian hinterland with a satisfied, serene air. All around stone houses and colorful shutters a music begins to spread through the streets until the middle-aged man is overwhelmed and begins to sing the melody. This melody, stolen from the dream, has entirely become the track "L’ultima volta di ogni cosa", the main junction from which the whole album is built and developed. The reading of the book then inspired the composition of the remaining songs, bringing together his characters with the dreamlike melody in an introspective and emotional space. (Marco Di Stefano)



Composer: Marco Di Stefano

Pianist: Dario Carnovale (track n.9 is performed by Marco Di Stefano)

Mix and master: Damien Silvert Studios

Artwork: BeatArt

Many thanks to Roberto Alajmo and Sellerio Editore.

℗ © Blue Spiral Records s.r.l.s. |

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