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Multiverse | Marco Di Stefano

"The minds of men are mirrors of other minds"


Plurality of parallel worlds, dimensions and languages: music that meets poetry, in a fruitful mixture, and becomes a synthesis of verb and feeling. In this latest work, Marco di Stefano sets six poems by Lucilla Trapazzo* to music, collects their sound suggestions and reinvents them.

The encounter between two apparently different artistic languages ​​becomes a commonality in which to identify. The passage from the code of the word, concrete and sculpted, to the note, an aerial and elusive sign, reveals a deep desire for discovery and testimony. If Lucilla Trapazzo's poetry is the guardian of feeling, mirror and isomer of stories that narrate the other by themselves, Marco di Stefano's transposition into music is an act of courage, it opens up and enters a foreign perceptive world and makes it personal. The musical staff becomes a real re-invention, a synthesis, and at the same time a double channel code, an open hand to welcome the differences.

*from the Ossidiana, Volturnia Ed., 2018, and Dei Piccoli Mondi, Il Leggio, 2019 collections.


Performed, recorded and mastered by Marco Di Stefano

Artwork: BeatArt

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