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Nobody's Home | Massimo Natali

Many people talk about memory. Memory is a place in the mind where objects, smells and flavours can be called back from the past. Getting in those memory paths many years later, wandering among the rubble and the disfigured walls: it means descending into our inner depths in search of something and raising again only with scattered fragments, half-sentences, partly forgotten faces. Memory is nobody’s home. No one is alive. Yet, the place is still standing. We have to go through illness, fragility and death. We have to enter the darkness reaching the limits of madness, to find the pearl. But what is the pearl? Is there a pearl? At the end, the wounds are not totally healed. But after this daydream, we feel more aware of who we are, and where we need to go.


Composer and performer: Massimo Natali

Recording operator: Edoardo Mantini
Recording assistant: Marco Severini
Sound engineer: Daniele Cococcioni
Photographer: Pietro Laureati
Web designer: Loredana Giacobbi
Mentor: Enrico Belli

Artwork: BeatArt

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