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Old Man and the Sea | Jochen Tiberius Koch

In 1951 Hemingway wrote his “The Old Man and the Sea“, an emotional odyssey with much room for interpretation, deep feelings, sensations and longings. 70 years later, the Leipzig based composer Jochen Tiberius Koch is trying to sketch acoustic experiments of Hemingway's masterpiece, with the help of Smilla's enchanting voice. Each track in itself is a symbiosis of melancholy, pain, strenghth and awakening. Out of the blue rises energy, which finally flows into relief. Koch is taking us into a world of pain and deprivation. We follow him through storms and doubts, into darkness. While we still taste the salt on our lips, the first rays of light appear on the surface of the sea, until one sees the dazzling horizon glowing. With beating hearts and out of breath we remain in peacefulness and contentment.


all music by Jochen Tiberius Koch
the Schmalkalden Philharmony; conducted by Knut Masur
all lyrics/singing by Smilla
guitar on „anthem/Licht!“ by Ian Wrong

inspired by the short novel „the old man and the sea“ by Ernest Hemingway

recorded by Yussuf Fritzl and Jochen T Koch
at frogmore Stewdio Copenhagen, spring and summer 2020
consulting by Ian Wrong at
recording engineer David Masseltoff
mastered by Ralf Zuckowski

pictures by Anja Döbel
artwork by Sean Gonorrhea
layout by Stefan Bahlk

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