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Oltre | Dario Crisman

I consider “Oltre” as the album of my artistic maturity. In this point of my life I try to collect the different musical forms that I have acquired over the past years and I wanted to reflect them in these 15 tracks, linked by a common expressive denominator. This common thread could be called "minimalism" but in reality there is also much else. Listening to it after some time I realize that I have unconsciously tried to use a certain type of phrasing responding to some formal necessities, according to some harmonies and melodic joints I like to use. I believe that these compositions, in the last synthesis, belong completely to me and represent me for what I am now. Nevertheless it is not a point of arrival, but it is certainly a new departure. The 15 tracks were all composed in a very short period, a few months ago. I had just come back from a holiday in Tenerife, magical and very energetic place for me, and I processed the entire album in just 5 weeks. Why “Oltre”? Because in my life I have always tried to go beyond appearances and at the same time I have always tried to give to my music a complete sense according to the expression of my most intimate part. (Dario Crisman)


Master and post-production: BSR Studio
Graphic design: BeatArt Studio
Photos: Dario Crisman

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