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Shapes vol.1 | Marcello Liverani

"Shapes vol.1" is an Ep (the first of two parts in 5 tracks each) that takes us along a varied path, in which the forms are revealed through the synaesthetic use of sounds and the alternation of stylistic influences: the latter at moments more classic, others more electronic or "cinematic". The different moods that animate the work lead to a varied sound ranging from a truly minimal piano to pieces in which electronics and beats are intertwined with violin sounds or voices.
The conception of the entire work stems from a double influence: on the one hand the Zen philosophy often present in Liverani's work and, on the other, the passion to bring the suggestions derived from a synaesthetic vision back into the musical field. For this project in particular, it was the work of the Chinese photographer “Fan Ho”, with his play of light, that influenced the composition of the songs; an indirect inspiration that is reflected in the use of the material: light as a revealer of forms (hence the title of the Ep), together with a certain photographic texture revived in music.


Piano, electronics: Marcello Liverani

Master and post-production: Marcello Liverani

Artwork: Jessica Mura

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