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Silvia Rivka Bandera


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Italian musician from Milan, she graduated in piano at the "G. Cantelli Conservatory" in Novara. She deepens her study of harpsichord, accordion and toy piano, giving this instrument considerable space in her compositions. She is part, as a pianist, of "Atlantic Klezmer Duo" and collaborates with "Santiago Klezmer Band" and is part, as accordionist, of "ONACH: Orquesta Nacional de Acordeones de Chile". She associates the activity of pedagogue with her artistic activity, specializing in piano teaching for students with DSA under Maestro Mario Montanari.

She deepens her literary studies by attending the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the "University of Milan", with a final thesis in ethnomusicology. She currently lives in Santiago de Chile, working as a musician, composer and teacher, with the role of "profesora de musica" at the Italian school "V. Montiglio", in the capital.

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