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Sketches of Tomorrow | Frerick den Haan.

Sketches of Tomorrow | Frerick den Haan

One of the many memories Frerick carries with him when it comes to his grandparents is the shared love of music. After losing all his grandparents in a short time, he threw himself back into composing music for solo piano.

The pieces are a homage to their lives and thus a lasting memory for him and his family. In other words, the closing chapter of a very special book.

The album title Sketches of Tomorrow refers to looking back and looking ahead in life. ''The wise lessons I learned from my grandparents in the past are my personal sketches for in the future'', as Frerick points out. The title therefore insinuates a new chapter in life.
Partly thanks to his grandparents, Frerick was introduced to a whole legion of classical musicians, including Erik Satie, Debussy, Beethoven and Chopin, who left a lasting impression on him. In addition to his own style, the sounds of these masters therefore also shimmer through in his own compositions. 


Performed, recorded and mastered by Frerick den Haan

Artwork: Frerick den Haan

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