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Studia | Doug Thomas

Studia is a collection of twenty-four contemporary études for piano, divided in two volumes. 

A self-taught composer, I am also partially a self-taught pianist. Composed between 2015 and 2017, these studies have been written with the objective of improving my compositional pianistic skills, by learning from the greats. Each study reflects aspects of the composers that influenced me, from Bach to Richter. Each study is also paired with another one on the basis of variations. Studia is a teaching project too, where I share some of my favourite musical devices—such as odd notes groupings, polyrhythms, rhythmic displacement, pentatonic scales, morphing or polytonality. Lastly, Studia is a collection of pieces to help build a repertoire for performance, or for pleasure.

All the pieces have been performed by the Italian pianist Angelo Villari.


1 - Studium III
2 - Studium IV
3 - Studium V
4 - Studium VI
5 - Studium XI
6 - Studium XII
7 - Studium XIII
8 - Studium XIV
9 - Studium XIX
10 - Studium XX
11 - Studium XXI
12 - Studium XXII


Piano: Angelo Villari

Master and post-production: BSR Studio

Artwork: Doug Thomas

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