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The Lamp of Invisible Light | Paolo Fanzaga

“The Lamp of Invisible Light” is a collection of songs that represent the synthesis of musical experiences matured over time. One of the leitmotifs is the differences in the musical languages present in the collection: from tonal music to more advanced harmonies. The composer is also convinced of the therapeutic strength of music as well as of its ability to make us abstract even for brief moments from the so-called “reality”. This also motivates the choice of intonation at 432 hz, a frequency aligned with the frequency of the earth, also used in the past by great musicians. The title of the collection is also the name of a magical-esoteric congregation founded in the early 1900s by Aleister Crowley. There is also a tribute to J.S. Bach, composer who has reached the heights of music.


All the music (with the exception of the Prelude BWV 846 by J. S. Bach) was composed and performed by Paolo Fanzaga

Titles edited by Otta

The songs are tuned to the frequency of 432 hz, the healing frequency

Recorded and mastered by Manlio Cangelli at Mc Harmony Recording Studios - Stezzano (BG), Italy

Artwork: BeatArt

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