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The Silent Session Triptych | Raffaele G

The Silent Session Triptych | Raffaele Grimaldi

This project is the result of a series of musical reflections, mainly related to my instrument and its different acoustic souls. Fertile ground for this investigation was the time I found during the lockdown period between March and May 2020. A period of time in which the days seemed to pass tirelessly the same and where unresolved issues began to dig deep furrows inside each of us. Moments where unexpected silences have generated echoes and resonances in our consciousness. Responding through music to the sense of unease that gripped those days seemed to me the only possible solution. The result is this triptych recorded in my house, with the moods, the sounds, the hopes that hovered on the nights when I wrote the music on paper and then immediately recorded it in order to capture the emotion of the moment. Many pieces have been recorded immediately, in the grip of an expressive and communicative urgency, where music and conscience have become a continuous flow of thoughts.

The three parts of the work are: The Silent Session | Vite silenziose | Revelation.


Piano: Raffaele Grimaldi

Master and post-production: BSR Studio

Artwork: BeatArt

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