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The way out is through | André Kellerberg

"Well, I actually don't want to say too much about the music and rather let it stand on its own and speak for itself. There is a grand piano in it (100 year old Steinway), Fender Rhodes piano, minimoog etc. Cool toys to play with and build something. Always feel like a little boy in a toystore when entering the studio. As for any underlining meaning or my intentions, up to the listener. Maybe just one comment: when you book a studio for a day you want to make sure you are ready and prepared, because here really time is money. With the recording sessions for "The Way Out Is Through" there were quite some obstacles to overcome late May 2019: 1. I have a very intense and passionate way of playing the piano. I am not very tender. The evening before the recording session I played at a friends art event, just about half an hour. I was ambitious to pull of a raging set, but without the option of a warm up. Poor muscles. Caused me a painful tendosynovitis at my right hand, which I tried to treat with cooling spray (which resulted in some nasty frost bites later on...). 2. The grand piano was not tuned as promised... well, failure was not option that day as the tracks had to be recorded and they were. The not entirely tuned grand piano gives the tracks a specific character which fits very well to these songs. And the right hand was working (but hurting for the following 2 weeks...could play piano again properly after approx. 4 weeks). So in that sense, "the only way out was through". What I am very happy about is how the cover artwork turned out. I was lucky enough to got introduced to Nico Fontana prior to a gig in Prague in December 2019 where he ended up providing live visuals. Nico created the artwork directly while listening to the album and its nice to see how the music resonated in another artform. He is very talented and I am looking forward to taking him on the road for some gigs this year."


Recorded at Studio Faust in Prague 

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Derek Saxenmeyer

Mastered by Thomas de Balder (TdB Production, Prague)

Cover: Nico Fontana

CD Artwork: BeatArt

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