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The Minimal Piano Series vol.1

In June 2017, motivated by a strong desire of discovery, we proclaimed the first International Composition Contest, searching at world level musical compositions and composers with skilled talent but that did not receive the right attention from an increasingly fast and distracting world. The contest was basically reserved to original and unpublished compositions that provide for the piano as the main instrument. A rule was fundamental: the characteristic of compositions had to be inspired by the "minimal" genre. Minimal understood as essentiality in compositional elements, or taking inspiration in a way more or less faithful from historical minimalism. This genre gives rise to curiosity because it joins the classic tradition to modern matrices. Once selected these music, the aim was to record an album, as already stated "The Minimal Piano Series Vol. I". First volume of a series to come. We have received contributions from all over the world: Italy, United States, France, Germany, Spain, England, Russia just to name a few. The work of the jurors, also from the international profile as well world top exponents of the minimal genre, has been difficult but the result is clearly audible on this record. The goal is to carry on the talent of younger generations, aware of the difficulties but also able to imagine a future where music returns to be the main pivot of present and future society.

The Jury

FABRIZIO PATERLINI (Pianist and composer) - ITALY
LUBOMYR MELNYK (Pianist and composer) - CANADA/UKRAINE 
ÉGLANTINE LHERNAULT (music journalist and blogger - director of Totoromoon) - FRANCE
MATTHEW MAYER  (Pianist and composer - director of SoloPiano) - U.S.A.
ITALIA BUCCINO (Label Manager Blue Spiral Records)



  1. Peter Michael von der Nahmer - Mashrabiya

  2. Dario Crisman - Winter’s secrets

  3. Gian Marco La Serra & Emanuele Dentoni - Ascoltarsi

  4. Jeroen Elfferich - Fine

  5. Paolo Morese - Al calar della sera

  6. Sten Erland Hermundstad - The unknown song

  7. Salvatore Casillo - Phantom cycle

  8. Muriël Bostdorp - Colours of rain

  9. Flavio Cuccurullo - Bishop of lights

  10. Simone Pionieri - I quattro elementi

  11. Robert Fruehwald - Kebyar!

  12. Sin Young Park - Du-Dream Prelude no.3

  13. Ashot Danielyan - Beyond Northwind 

  14. Fabio Cuomo - Leaf

Mastering and post production: BSR Studio 
Cover photo: “Blur, black and swirl” by Gabriella Sudjono (
Graphic design: BeatArt Studio

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