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Upon the Hill | Dario Crisman

The 4 tracks of this EP are linked by a common denominator: the search for tranquility. My usual "solid", defined, harmonies and melodies set in stable and recognizable compositional structures, this time leave the place for a more contemplative and relaxed pace, where the rhythm becomes slower, the surface expands and reverberations give spatiality to intimate, warm, familiar piano sounds, sounds heard many times in my upright piano room, a discreet companion with which to share the spaces and the time of daily living.

"Upon the hill" is the title track that opens the EP. I am looking at the hills from the window of my room on a day of early spring, when a shy sun tries to filter through the clouds to warm a land still hardened by the rigors of winter and the soft rays of the sun play with a veil of fog low not yet dissolved and a light rain that does not want to leave the scene yet. In this tranquility, the melodies of the piano seek the shape and fill the room.


"This day" is the song with which the day fades into the first shadows of the night; a muffled and softly reverberated sound sustains a measured and discreet harmonic loop that does not seem to want to end, as the thoughts and memories of the day still do not want to abandon the mind and give way to sleep.

"Folded" is a sonorous impression, a slight obstinate rhythm that recalls a recurring but not intrusive thought. Like drops of dew licking the leaves of an imaginary undergrowth where thoughts follow one another with a delicate constancy.


"Up" is the closing piece. The attention now returns to the present, to the actions of the "here and now”, to the things to be done for the life that continues, with that minimal and constant gait that only simple but essential things know how to have, like the sound of the piano briefly reflected on the walls of the room in a high register, a sound that this time demands attention, as life asks to be lived in every minute. Because in the essentiality of small things, fully lived, lies the first meaning of our daily life.


Piano: Dario Crisman

Master and post-production: BSR Studio

Artwork: BeatArt

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