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Uto'pians | International Artists for a common cause

Erik Slättberg 

Erik Slättberg is a musician, composer and teacher located in Örebro, Sweden. He is driven by the vision to share new insights, perspectives and knowledge that can help other people to grow themselves as musicians or music practioners.


Carlos Hof 

Spanish composer of neoclassical music. Born in Madrid, he has had a very sui generis musical evolution, since he has been a member of rock, pop, and alternative music bands, releasing several albums in the Spanish Alternative Music market.

03_Carlos Hof .jpg

Jordane Tumarinson

Jordane Tumarinson started studying piano at 19 years reproducing the music by ear. Being an autodidact he developed a personal consideration of the music, for him the piano is a laboratory that stimulates his curiosity as an explorer.


Dario Crisman

Italian pianist and composer Dario Crisman has completed classical studies by continuing them as self-taught. Music has the task of expressing his feelings and above all the search for aesthetic, creative and formal balance. 


Kōya Ogata

Born in Miyagi prefecture on June 17, 1980. Graduated from the Stylist Department at the Bunka Fashion College. He appeared in various music festivals throughout the country, including COUNT DOWN JAPAN / FUJIROCK FESTIVAL.


Emiliana Prcik

Pianist and composer from Argentina, she has studied and continues studying in depth several musical styles and genres, improvisation techniques and composition features and aspects of jazz, minimal and experimental music.


Lionel Scardino

Lionel Scardino was born in Caseros (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 1995. He studies piano, composition and electroacoustic music at Universidad Nacional de Artes. As pianist he loves playing cover songs and original compositions.

13_lionel scardino.jpg

Sharon Lynn Makarenko

Sharon Lynn Makarenko is a multi-instrumental musician and composer. She studied classical piano from an early age, completing specializations in piano performance and pedagogy. Minimal and contemplative, her music explores her fascination with the human experience.


Aija Alsina 

Aija is a Latvian composer currently residing in London. Her instrument of choice is still the piano, but she creates music that is multi-layered, experimenting with timbres and sound effects and using brass and strings as accompaniment to create mesmerizing compositions.


Armel Dupas

Armel is a pianist, composer-performer born in 1984 in Nantes. Fascinated from an early age by the records of Miles Davis and Duke Ellington, it was at the age of 5 that he learned his first piano chords. He started composing for cinema in 2006.


Rebecca Jean Rossi 

Rebecca is an NYC based music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. While studying classical piano performance at the Eastman School of Music, she discovered her passion for electronic music and composition and began focusing on music production.


Pavel Fedorov

Pavel is a Russian composer, inspired by the works of both classical and modern composers. His compositions are set with no boundaries and he is often experimenting with various versions of piano sound recordings as well an interest electronic music production.

10_Fedorov 01.jpg

Manuel Zito

Manuel started playing and studying the piano at the age of five, he graduated from the Conservatory "S. Pietro a Majella ”in Naples in 2012 and has played with ensembles of various kinds around Italy. His passion lies in the composition and music for audiovisuals.



James Lebreton is a french composer born and living in Paris with his family. In 2010, while studing litterature at university he discover the m.a.o. software Ableton Live and start doing sound experiments and music under the alias Shadoko.


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Uto'Pians vol.1
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