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Uto'pians | International Artists for a common cause

Raphaelle Thibaut

After she was born, Raphaelle suffered from a series of severe ear issues that led to single-sided deafness. At age 4, following doctor's recommendation, she started an intense piano practice. Music became her path to recovery. She continued studying music for 15 years at the Conservatory of Lille where she graduated in 2002.

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Arthur Jeffes/Penguin Café

English composer, musician, and arctic explorer. He is the frontman of Penguin Cafe, a group he formed to play the music of his father's band, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Outside of Penguin Cafe, Arthur’s composition work has included several shorts and commissions, most recently working with Greenpeace and Aardman Animations.

Arthur Jeffes - credit Nick Delaney .jpg

Library Tapes

David Wenngren is a Swedish composer. He has released music as Library Tapes since 2005 on labels such as 1631 Recordings, Kning Disk and the Resonant label. He has performed concerts around Europe, Japan and North America and have shared the stage with Nils Frahm, Hauschka, Peter Broderick, Sylvain Chauveau.

Library Tapes_1.jpg


Pianist and composer Feryanto began studying piano at the age of three. In 2014 he founded the trio Koneskin, where he was keyboardist, singer and composer. At the end of 2008 he recorded and produced the album "Velo di Maya" for piano, drums and cello. In 2019 he released his debut album “We are Infinite”.


Patrick Delobel

French composer whose experience as a musician began more than half a century ago, and continues with ever more enthusiasm. Classically trained, his favorite fields are neo-classical, jazz, soul, and movie scores. However, he explored all styles because his motto is : "if it touches even one person, why not play it?"

Patrick_DELOBEL_credit Quentin Delobel.j

Oskar Tena

Mexican composer, pianist, musician and mechatronic engineer. He began his first musical studies at the age of 9. Following his musical taste he obtained achievements and recognitions for his compositions. Currently he creates original neoclassical music, exploring different types of pianos, creating a unique and original sound.

Oskar Tena.jpg

Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres

Film composer and classical electronic artist. Her music is inspired by minimalism, classical, film scores, electronic and continuous music. As an upcoming solo artist and multi-instrumentalist in the classical and electronic scenes, Alexandra’s passions lie in the duality between both genres, visuals and her love for the piano.

Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres Credit Mark Arr

Christopher Dicker

Pianist and composer based in Melbourne. In a few short years he has collaborated with and contributed music to projects from all over the globe. While Dicker’s music is oft quiet and meditative, it speaks of a much broader and much grander vision. His recordings have been streamed more then 25M times on Spotify alone.

Christopher Dicker.jpg

Christina Higham

Australian composer, pianist and performer based in Brunswick, Melbourne. Currently writing and recording on her soulful 100 year old upright piano, Christina is constantly drawn to its huge dynamic scope, mellow depth and sensitivity. She believes very piano has it's own life and character, and is inspiring in a unique way. 

Christina Higham.jpg

Dominique Charpentier

Dominique Charpentier is a french composer renowned within the modern classical world. Drawing inspiration from the contemplation of nature and the beauty of everyday life, he primarily uses the piano as means of expression. In tandem with his solo career, Dominique also composes original soundtrack for movies.

Dominique Charpentier.jpg

Midori Hirano

Berlin-based musician, composer and producer. Her productions are based on the use of acoustic instruments, but yet experimental and an eclectic mixture of modern digital sounds with subtle electronic processing and field recordings. She also composes for films, video installations and dance performances.

Midori Hirano Credit- Sylvia Steinhäuse

Marie Awadis

Armenian pianist and composer, based in Germany. Her music, always centered around her instrument, the piano, draws influences from the life experiences that have shaped her as a human, from deep roots in classical traditions to recurrent folkloristic harmonic elements of her native Armenia.

Marie Awadis.jpg

Wilson Trouvé

Wilson Trouvé is a French visual artist, self-taught pianist & multi-instrumentalist composer and producer based in Brussels. As a pianist, Wilson Trouvé composes touching and delicate melodies crafted from various piano sounds and textures. Trouvé also composes cinematic/orchestral and experimental music for films & TV. 

Wilson Trouvé.jpg

the album

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Uto'Pians vol.2
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