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Uto'pians | International Artists for a common cause

Hiroco M.

Hiroko Murakami (Hiroco.M) began to play classical piano when she was 3 years old and continued until today. In University she studied musical composition and piano. She focuses on intimate and warm sound recorded on a soft upright piano, in doing so, she tries to offer each listener a personal experience of her performance.

Hiroco M.jpg

Frances Shelley

​Frances Shelley is a composer / improvisor / pianist based in East Anglia in the UK. Classically trained on piano, her music mixes acoustic piano with electronic and found sound.  Her present day focus is on contemporary classical piano music. She has a special interest in realtime live improvisation, investigating the moment of creation, the moment before the intellect gets involved.

Frances Shelley.jpg

Lennart Altgenug

He has earned a Bachelor‘s Degree in jazz piano, and a Masters Degree in film composition from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Besides being a composer, he is also active as a pianist. Since 2018, he has been living and working as a composer and teacher in Berlin. His composition style has moved away from jazz and improvised music towards (neo-)classical music. 

Lennart Altgenug.jpg

Sacha Menny

With a classical piano and Jazz background, Sacha Menny worked among others with Alain Margoni (Prix de Rome) and mainly composes pieces for solo piano. Sacha performs mainly at the Bretonneau theater and the great Hotel Regencia in Paris, and records his songs at the famous Studio Guillaume Tell in Suresnes, with his sound engineer and friend Denis Caribaux.

Sacha Menny.jpg


French composer who tries to capture sensations, emotions, moments of life, mixing soundscapes with instruments and original sounds. A music that draws inspiration from various sources like nature, space-time, psychology. His EP, «Yore», questions our relationship with time, our past, trying to put memories into notes that spans alchemy, melancholy, and dreamy contemplation.


Jim Perkins

Composer, producer and founder of record label bigo & twigetti, Jim Perkins combines music written for instrumental performance with detailed editing and post production techniques. He writes intricate work creating elaborate textures and exploiting ambisonic and psychoacoustic phenomena to create a sense of depth and detail in his work.

Jim Perkins.jpg

Jameson Nathan Jones

Jameson is a classically trained pianist and composer from Mississippi whose interest in modern electronics and sound design has led to a unique musical language. Blending elements of modern classical and ambient music with gritty analog textures, Jameson has created a sound that ranges from intimate and minimal to cinematic and raw.

Jameson Nathan Jones.jpg

Sarah Spring

Sarah Spring is a Canadian pianist and composer based in Toronto. Her music has found audiences around the world with over 25 million streams on Spotify. Sarah has written music for CBC podcast ‘The Cat Lady’, contributed to compilation albums by New York label, Sonder House and Italian label Blue Spiral Records, and collaborated with renowned pianists like Elliot Jacques. Sarah’s writing style is quiet and minimalistic.

Sarah Spring.jpg

The Hillside Project

The Hillside Project is composer Josh Hill’s space to try things out, collaborate, experiment...Josh is a composer, pianist and drummer based near London, whose diverse musical influences and interests are reflected in his work, a mellifluous jumble of melodic neoclassical cinematic ambient improvised jazz and folk.

The Hillside Project.jpg

Ludovico Nisi

Ludovico Nisi is a PhD in philosophy and a self-taught musician. He has self-produced two EPs and some soundtracks for theatre and short films. After his university studies, he focused again on his musical project: his compositions combine intimate songwriting with influences from electronic and ambient music.

Ludovico Nisi.jpg

Mahan Farzad

Mahan Farzad is an Iranian music composer and producer, with a taste of minimalism and simplicity, cherishing both the universal music language and Iranian traditional melodies, ambienting the acoustics, and creating different musical images. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and multi genre musician: Neoclassical, Minimal, Ambient, Iranian, Rock.

Mahan Farzad.jpg

Tal Babitzky

Composer, arranger and pianist. He studied at the Jerusalem music academy majoring in composition and graduated from the famous "Rimon" school of jazz and contemporary music. He released several albums combining jazz, fusion, classical music and rhythm and blues. His music receives noteworthy playtime on National Geographic TV. 

Tal Babitzky 2.jpg

Melissa Parmenter

Composer and film producer, Melissa Parmenter was born in Milan and lived there until she was five, moving to Oxford via York at the age of nine. Playing the piano live has been a lifelong passion for her. Parmenter studied music at Durham University, and upon graduating she began to explore the idea of working in film, hoping to find the chance to involve her compositions along the way.

Melissa Parmenter.jpg

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson has been composing since she was a child, and her music continues to carry a youthful, uplifting energy. She lives just outside of Toronto, Canada where she also works as a Speech-Language Pathologist. 

Sarah Watson.jpg


As an artist LAVALU scratches the back of classical music while poking the fires of pop. She is in the midst of creating a contemporary song cycle, inspired by composers such as: Debussy and Chopin. Piano. Voice. Honest and bare. Lyrics that can be read as stories about blunt desire.


Danny Mulhern

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from London. He releases instrumental music and writes music for film, mostly working with small ensembles, combining contemporary classical with ambient/electronic. He recently finished a two-hour BBC biography of Princess Margaret, and is currently recording two instrumental records exploring philosophical ideas around improvisation, intuition and collective intelligence.

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