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Voyager | Dario Crisman

This project stems from my idea to experiment new sounds and new stylistic approaches, in a moment in which I feel I can confront a wide-ranging European piano reality, where multi-faceted piano expressive forms coexist. 

Setting aside the classical piano and its sounds only momentarily, I tried my hand at this work using the "felted" and "Unacorda" piano timbres, which require a different expressive technique and also a different compositional approach. The album is ideally divided into two parts: in the first one we find songs played on the Felted piano, in the second part they are played with Unacorda. The sounds are "muffled", suffused, obviously less evident and dynamic than the classical piano, but for this very reason they possess an evocative and perhaps even more intense descriptive force. There is more intimacy in these instruments, the clamor is dulled, the lights are dimmed, we remain a little on tiptoe to avoid disturbing, but in this way we listen to each other more, we feel and we find ourselves with greater respect, with more calm and attention. 

For me composing these songs has meant having to accept myself in my essence, stripping away all the surplus, based only on the essentials. Nevertheless, I still believe, once again, to have given a personal touch to the minimal pianism.

The album consists of 11 tracks. Contrary to what I have heard from other artists I have never used overlays to give more emphasis to the compositions, so what you hear was played live, in line with my understanding of the minimalist genre.

The only exception is the eleventh song, which is a sort of "bonus track", where sounds and contour effects have been added to better define the mood of the song. Great attention has been paid to the recording and mastering of all tracks, as the construction and rendering of these sounds require great attention to find the right tonal balance.


Piano: Dario Crisman

Master and post-production: BSR Studio
Graphic design: BeatArt


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