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We are Infinite  | Feryanto

The album"We are Infinite" is born from the contemplation of everything that leads to infinity: the universe and its stars, unexplored distant planets, the space and sounds that the human ear does not perceive.

The overcoming of the limitations that sometimes the matter puts us, a good excuse to look inside ourselves and to follow the star map that we trace ourselves (A map to find us).

It tells of landscapes and distant lands, which, taking the form of the mind, awaken our imagination, to the point of becoming ourselves those infinite places: we are the landscape, our ideas the "subjects" that move within the "framework".

It tells of echoes that are lost in sacred and silent places (Where echos come to rest - Tana lot), of rains that mix in the sea (Searain) and of liquid worlds from which fantastic sea creatures awaken (All creatures bloom).

It suggests the importance of making music, studying it for the sake of oneself and of someone else (I owe you), living art as "a landscape of being in which one is first of all" (A landscape of being).

It deals with the theme of memory and the need to respect emotions, letting everything end naturally and learning a kind of kindness for a new beginning.

The album ends with an artificial image of fireworks (Like fireworks) that illuminating our sight, push the mind more than ever towards the music, making it infinite.


Written, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Feryanto Demichelis

Recorded at MusicAvaguardia Studio, Italy

Master and Assistant Engineer: Andrea Cerrato

This album is dedicated to Giulia, thanks for the love and support 

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