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Echoes | Wave of Sound

The new songs of the Hungarian pianist-composer Wave of Sound (aka Andor Csécsi) tell the echoes of memorial pieces, feelings and experiences. The new album ‘Echoes’ is a sequel album of ‘Letters for Lost Echoes’, which seeks to further narrate the relationship between human and nature, which is a very important message in today’s changing world. Both melodies and moods appear from the previous album and reinterpret it. In the pieces written for the piano, several exciting instruments accompany the melodies, such as the organ, the vibrating sounds of the winds or the special beats, and the veiled and floating sounds of the analog synthesizers slow down the time for the listener. The tranquility of nature that surrounds us tries to teach us to slowly walk around our thoughts and memories, to live them again and again.


Music by Wave of Sound
Recorded, mixed & produced by Andor Csécsi (AtticHome studio, Artist Factory)
Mastered by Bandlab Studio

Wave of Sound are: Andor Csécsi (piano, synth, organ, guitar, bass, programming)

Featuring in song ‘Passengers’: Zsüd (producer, drum & percussion programming)

Cover photo by Krisztina Horváth
Design by Ander-Design

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