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Wave of Sound is making waves - a deep work woven together in the intricacy of nature, the process of surrender and emotions evoked by the changing seasons. The Hungarian pianist’s songs resonate with the songwriter’s heart through the ambient melodies taken from personal memories, and the natural beauty surrounding many of. Andor was already close to music and stage as a child, he was a child actor at the Hungarian State Opera House, Erkel theater, Thália and the Madách Theater. In 2013 he launched the music project of Wave Of Sound. The one-person work is based on electro-ambient, new-age, modern-classic music styles. His first album was released in 2013 and was first shown on the Sziget Festival stage.

In 2014, with the addition of Mária Varga and Róbert Csécsi, the creative realization continued with more vocal-oriented songs, the 'Pulsar' album was completed.

Other works are the video clip of 'Countdown' with NASA's consent, the instrumental album 'Ascension' released in September 2016, the video for the song 'Crystal Clear' realized with the Hong-Kong's drone film team Bellergy RC and the album 'Levitation' released in 2017 that is a brother album of ‘Ascension'. Really uplifting, out of everyday life, tunes find the audience over and over again. Wave of Sound's most popular song is 'New Horizon'.

The newly released in 2019 "Letters for Lost Echoes" songs bring pure, relaxed and uplifting moods.


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“Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies." (Edward Bulwer Lytton)

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