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Lontano dal caos | Vittoriano di Grazia.

Lontano dal caos | Vittoriano di Grazia

This album is a mosaic of real sensations experienced over time, often improvised on the piano and born from moments of meditation and moods. Lights, shadows, echoes merge in “Chiaroscuro” as in a cathedral. "For love" is a ballad of love. "First look" is the ideal and ephemeral encounter that remains inside you. Dynamic and quick, on the other hand, the theme of “Syncopate” enters which with its counter-time (syncopated), brings us back to the daily rhythm, with some nostalgic reminiscence. "Improvviso al pianoforte" born in one fall evening, contrasts with "Sky night" born on a summer evening. “Prelude 55” in a moment of panache. The album ends with the calm and clear horizontal melody of "Lontano dal caos" which is vertically identical in the harmonic-dissonant one symbolizing chaos, where the same sound material as the melody is used. A specific peculiarity of the piece is that it is performed entirely on the white keys.



Performed, recorded and mastered by Vittoriano di Grazia

Artwork: BeatArt

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