Paolo Fanzaga


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Composer, pianist and arranger. Music has always been his expressive language. He started composing very early and never stopped. Paolo has written works and arrangements for various ensembles, from pop groups to symphony orchestras, film music and vocal pieces. The piano for him represents the most immediate instrument available when a musical intuition arrives. His last 6 released albums are in fact works for solo piano.
He believes in the therapeutic capacity of music, especially if recorded at the frequency of 432Hz, a frequency that allows the listener to align with the frequency of the earth. Paolo Fanzaga also loves teaching what he learns every day; many years ago he founded The Musical Academy of Treviglio where he teaches piano, music theory and conducts the orchestra. In his concerts he often collaborates with musicians of both "classical" and pop genre. He uses music to express what cannot be said in words. He uses the piano to express his music.



Paolo Fanzaga - The lamp of invisible li
The Lamp of Invisible Light

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Presente invisibile

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