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Uto'pians (vol.1) | Various Artists

Uto'pians is a Piano Collection consisting of compositions by composers from all over the world chosen by the curator Jordane Tumarinson. Part of the profits will be donated to La Senda Verde Animal Sanctuary, Bolivia in order to raise awareness about climate change through music. Senda Verde is a Wildlife Sanctuary located at the end of the death road in the Yungas of La Paz, in Yolosa, near Coroico, Bolivia. ( With our contribution we hope to help them in their wonderful work. Here are Jordane Tumarinson's words on this project:

«As an artist and sensitive, i am amazed by the nature and in our current context, I think it could be a good thing to participate in its preservation. We all participate in our own way, and it can be a way more: to conjugate Music and nature. So this project is not for money but to federate composers around a common cause, discover each other and maybe become friends. So i found the word: "Uto'pians" for the album, an utopian is a dreamer (Today we need dreamers like us) who believe in harmony with society and with nature. Also, it is a game of words with pians: piano. Unity is strenght and if we talk about "uto'pians" around us, it can (affect?) more people.»



01. Erik Slättberg - Safe Here
02. Sharon Lynn Makarenko - Elysian
03. Carlos Hof - Ad Ethereal
04. Aija Alsina - What Kind of World
05. Jordane Tumarinson - Birth
06. Armel Dupas - La valeur de l'air
07. Dario Crisman - Everything changes
08. Rebecca Jean Rossi - Stella Alpina
09. Kōya Ogata & Wataru Sato - Neighbors
10. Pavel Fedorov - Diamond Sky
11. Emiliana Prcik - Flowers in the rain
12. Manuel Zito - Earth
13. Lionel Scardino - Ges
14. James Lebreton - Behind the Masks

Curator: Jordane Tumarinson
Master and post-production: BSR Studio
Artwork: BeatArt

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